From the non-numerical data, comparing Solar Power to other forms of energy sources, with reference to (Energy4.m, 2014). It could be observed that Solar Power is the cleanest and safest among all the energy sources.

Due to the fact that it doesn't pollute the environment and only gives us, humans, migraines, and mild restlessness("People could get mild sickness from being expose to electromagnetic radiation."); whereas other energy sources would damage the ozone layer and other that will kill humans when they are exposed to its radiation. (Wellspring, 2014) However, Solar Power is also the most expensive kind of energy source. But I think that the LCOE of solar power is worth its better factors.

From the above, I've concluded that our hypothesis about Solar Power being the best energy source is accurate.

On our research, I believe that many of our ways could be improve.
Firstly, our manpower of 2 people. I think we're either really ambitious or over-confidant to think that we could manage this project.
Secondly, our method of collecting data. I think we should have gotten a wider scope of data, to back up our point more effectively. As currently, we only have the data of the "impact on Environment" and "Health Risk" to backup our opinion that Solar Power is the best kind of energy.

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