From our data, we could conclude that Solar Power should be used more often as its one of the more greener energy types. And also we believe that Solar Power heaters shouldn't be installed into homes, due to the fact that people would get sick under long exposure of electromagnetic waves generated by solar energy. An evidence would be the paragraph at the bottom.

"Putting solar panels on the roof of one’s home...people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity may not even be able to enter or be around such a building. Since some of the milder symptoms of this syndrome are common and non-specific, such as headaches and restlessness"(Wellspring, 2014).

The most significant environmental, health and safety hazards are associated with the use of hazardous chemicals in the manufacturing phase of the solar cell. However the benefits of Solar Power outweighs the risks. (Good Co., 2014)

Singapore's Solar Park at the Marina Barrage is a very good idea, due to the fact that it's in an outdoor place and people aren't living there. Thus, only the workers are exposed to long hours of electromagnetic waves. Which is better than having a whole flat of people exposed under it.

Thus, I could conclude that we should build more Solar Panels to help this Energy Crisis.

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