Energy; one of the 15 first world problems.(Millennium, 2009) Generating Electricity is one of the main problems faced by humans. The cost of electricity is nothing short of expensive. Energy generators in general, are costly, whether is it monetary or the impact it does to the environment.

Firstly, our main source of energy (Fossil Fuels) would be running out soon; and the fact that these energy generator contribute to global warming which is also another problem.

1.2_What's our Research?

Our research is to find out the cost of electricity. The cost refers to the impact it deals on the environment, the health risk due to living organisms and lastly the LCOE.  LCOE stands for Levelised Cost of Energy; this includes maintenance fee, insurance for workers, start-up cost, .etc

1.3_How is this data useful to us?

With our data, we would like to compare the data and identify the best energy sources and which would be the most beneficial to the world.

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