Sunday, February 16, 2014

Research Proposal Draft

Research Proposal
Sec 2 Interdisciplinary Research Studies

Research Topic: Energy Generation

00_Chosen Area of Focus: The Cost of Energy Generation

Group Member’s Names-
-Koh Jin Wei (18)
-Yash Dixit (12)

01_Statement of Problem (framing our research data of >200 words)(KohJinWei)

Energy is used everyday in our life, in terms of electrical energy. However, the cost to have electricity running in our houses is nothing short of expensive. The cost in terms of manpower, built and equipment cost, operating cost.etc. And specifically the impact it makes on the environment. Now days, people are trying to go green to save the Earth from global warming. A contribution to global warming would be the impact done to the environment from generating electricity. Generating electricity via non-renewable methods such as burning fossil fuels and nuclear power damages the environment tremendously. For the burning of fossil fuels, fumes and waste would pollute the environment. And the waste from Nuclear Power is extremely radioactive, this radioactive waves are very harmful to living organisms or even death. Thus, the cost for this non-renewable energy is very taxing. As for renewable energy, the built and generating cost is quite expensive. Although, these sources of renewable energy doesn’t pollute the environment, the price to build and use one of these is still expensive. Thus, I could conclude from this that energy does cost quite a lot. This energy crisis would be our problem for this term of IRS.

02_Research Objectives (>200 words)(KohJinWei)

Our research objective on this energy crisis is to find out about the cost of different energy. How the different energy sources affect the cost needed to run it. An example of what we would be doing: Solar Energy, there is a Solar Park in Singapore at the Marina Barrage. This Solar Park contains 405 solar panels covering the space of 1,200 sqm/meter square (Estimated). We should be able to get some data via survey to the workers or perhaps the internet. So the objective of this research to understand the relationship between the cost and the energy produced from different energy sources. From this, we could educate others on conserving energy and teach them on how spending it would affect the environment, economy, .etc.

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