Friday, February 7, 2014

Project Ideas

Plants takes in carbon dioxide and water and under the process of photosynthesis in the presence of light, oxygen and glucose is produced. The percentage of oxygen in the air is estimated at 20.5% and the percentage of carbon dioxide in the air is 0.05%. We would like to research on the relationship between the amount of carbon dioxide taken in and the amount of oxygen given out in a plant.


We dispose waste in Singapore by burning them before dumping the excess ashes into Palau Semakau. During the burning process, fumes would be produced; polluting the air. Research about how the amount of waste would affect the air quality, would be useful in the coming future.

-EnergySpawning (Chosen)

There's tons of ways to convert energy into electrical energy, whether it is renewable or non-renewable. Some ways would be biomass, fossil fuel, hydraulic, wind turbines, dams .etc. But all of this needs a cost, not only monetary cost, but resource cost too; manpower, fossil fuels. And you also need energy to power up the generator. We would like to find out the cost for different types of energy converters.

Jin Wei Signing Out

10:55(GMT+8) 08/02/14

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