Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Project Ideas (ISS) (No longer valid)

Ideas- (Sorry I messed up badly. Please check the the next blog post.)
(Instead of doing IRS(Interdisciplinary Research Studies), we went ahead and did ISS ideas.)

Gravity a force that's a nuisance to most people. Gravity could be useful at times, but sometimes we're better off without it. Some of our work would be easier without gravity, like moving extra-heavy objects and also we save tons of electrical energy if we were to have zero gravity in places like lift lobby .etc. We aim to create a space that defy gravity or at the very least prove through theory.

-Energy Spawning (Chosen One)
"Energy can neither be created nor destroyed". This is what we learned as energy could only be converted. But can we humans, convert it easily, without a generator. It would be fantastic if we could just shout and convert the sound energy into light energy without much effort or mechanism, it would sure be handy. "Could we convert energy easily?" that is what we're looking at. If this could be so, we would never need generators to be powered by the burning of fossil fuels, hydraulic power, .etc. This would very well create a new age of the world.

When running, human tend to get out of breath; at the same time taking in volumes of oxygen. Due, to this there would be more carbon dioxide emission. A solution would be to not exercise at all, but this would damage our health. Thus, we would like to research about plants, and find a biological way to tweak its 'body' to make it 'breathless'; allowing the plant to overwork. Maybe, instead of tweaking its 'body'; we could change its environment.

Travel from places to places takes up fuels, ton of fuels and pollute the air at the same time. The carbon monoxide emission would "kill the atmosphere". We would like to delve into the depths of transportation and come up with a new kind of travel that helps the environment and delay the apocalypse. Something that is much more better than the "Hybrid-Cars". One of our crazy ideas is to repel the gravitational force of Earth, this transport would have no, totally zero, friction and theoretically, it could exit the limit of an F1 car.

-Waste Disposal
This is inspired by the show "Wall-E". We dispose waste in Singapore by burning them before dumping the excess ashes into Pulau Semakau. This not only pollute the air but it takes up space, tons of it. We could test the properties of waste products and create a new way of disposal. This would allow us to save space for other stuff.

Jin Wei & Yash Dixit signing out.
11:55:59(GMT+8)   22/01/14